Geometry of Earth: Azimuthal Projection Map Showing Continents At Right-Angle

This map projection shows South America, Africa, Australia and Madagascar aligned at a perfect right-angle. From the intersect-point of that right-triangle, the world’s geological features and landmarks sit at basic mathematical angles of a 360 Protractor. This is of GOD, proving to all that HE created the Earth and Cosmos in a basic math pattern that unites us all.Azimuth Projection Map

The Geometry and Keys of Moundville Alabama: A Site More Important Than The Egyptian Pyramids

This site gives us the proof that the “tear” geological shapes throughout the world are by design,with the Moundville Complex lake, called Tear Lake.  The Key to decoding the Moundville Site is the straight lined shores of the Black Warrior River, whose lines make a geometrical Star of Israel with angles of 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 degrees!  This geometric is also seen throughout God’s Pattern, including encompassing the Northern Hemisphere of the  Map of the Cosmos ( see book of God’s Signs in the Heavens). Also see complete book for the Image of the Virgin Mary surrounding Moundville/Tuscaloosa.Geometry of Moundville and River