1. Not just one religion, all, same with the spoken-word histories of the world’s tribes…Math does not lie. The positions of the stars do not lie. The positions of the mountains do not lie………… Current science states that these positions should be random, they are not. This fact should get anyone to investigate further. I did…… The shear number of the mathematical aligns, that also match the spoken word stories of the people of these sites, all over the world, mathematically prove this is not random-chance. Example : Easter Island/ Rapa Nui, called ” navel of the world”, it’s eastern-most point is 90 degrees south of the Dine’ (Navajo) Tribe Holy Mountain at the mathematical center of all the Dine’ mathematically arranged holy mountains. (Basic math, too. Nothing fancy. One is at 15 degrees, one is 50, one is at 10. These angles also show-up in the geology of the mountains up-close.Example: The mountain at 50 degrees from the center holy mountain has it’s mountain peaks aligned at 50 degrees.) Dine’ Tribe history says that the holy mountains are aligned to the ‘four winds”. Then there is the Tohono O’ Oodham (Papago) Tribe, south of there in Tucson, Arizona, who state that a strange angular peaked mountain is ” the mountain at the center of the universe “. This peak is 180 degrees, to the foot, aligned to the southern-most wall of Old Jerusalem. The peak is also 67.5 degrees from the Dine’ Center Holy Mountain……..Holy Mount Fuji is 180 degree from Dine’ Holy Mountain and Sunset Crater Volcano in Flagstaff ( the peaks of the mountain in Flagstaff are alligned in a simple, basic geometric pattern based on a circle divided into equal parts. All the world’s holy mountains are aligned to each other, and to other geological features as well. …..On and on and on the proof goes….See my site ( just improved last night May 2,2019, will get even better. you can scroll through the images now. Not all pages are on scroll, I have hundreds of pages/ proofs)…… When I discovered these findings, they proved that my agnostic/ God- just -observes opinions on God and religion were wrong ! At the start of all this,(the geometry of the Mars volcanoes and geological features that reveal a geometric equation that divides the plant’s circumference into 5 equal parts) I thought I was going to prove all the religions wrong ! I even WANTED too, at the time ! God did not make these wonders for the faithful, He made them for the skeptics, atheists, the haters. Please view the whole scope of what I found, it is not just a bunch of math alignments, it tells a story. And this will reform all the religions and the world ( including Science)…… It proves that we have been worshiping the same God all along ! The evidence is overwelming and can not be debunked. It may be beyond your imagination, but this stuff is what an advanced being and civilization can do. Science is looking for ” radio blips arranged in prime numbers “, I give you stars, mountains, the Cosmos arranged at simple geometry angles ‘. ( I also give you your “radio-blips, too. See the mathematical position of the WOW signal, see the same geometry in the signal itself. See how the signal’s graph matches the miracle image of Our Lady Of Guadelupe and Her cloak of stars. See how that holy site is 90 degreee south of mountain peak, and 180 degree from Mauna Loa Hawaii. See how that 180 line touches a caldera there, see the image of The Virgin Mary with a Halo in that caldera. USGS Earth Explorer) On and on and on the proofs add-up. !



      1. No, current science says nothing about how mountains should be random. We know that mountains form in certain areas because of certain conditions. You are making a false claim when you wrote this “current science states these positions should be random, they are not”. Whether this is out of willful ignorance or malice is yet to be seen. You have invented a conspiracy where there is none.

        Your claims about something being x degrees from something else also makes no sense whatsoever since you are picking and choosing two points and drawing a line and declaring truly random numbers important. You draw triangles around vague spots and declare that this is somehow “important”. any three points can make a angle, any two points can make a line. Nothing surprising there at all.

        You are just one more person who wants to declare that they and only they knows magical secrets about the universe so they can feel special about themselves. You, like every other theist, suffer from pareidolia, seeing what you want to see. And you try to convince yourself that anyone who knows more than you is a “hater”.


      2. These measurements are not vague, not at this site. Also, where in science do they say the mountains and stars are arranged mathematically ? Please give that information to us. You are using belittling “drama words” to smear these facts, in an effort to put them in a wishy-washy light, that says you got no argument. These angles are not just any angles, they are divisors of a circle cut into equal parts. Over and over and over we see 180, 90, 67.5, 60, 45, 30, 22.5, 15 , 10, 5 Have you even looked at the evidence or what I am saying ? your argument says no, you have not………. ( See my site at mathematical-signs-of-god.com, that has the pages of the argument in order, and you can scroll down from the start. This site only lets my blog- post scroll down, and it is not in a particular order.) See the same math angles, over and over and over. I did not expect these findings to pan-out like this…….. I was just like you…………..What are your thoughts on the Moundville Alabama River lines, that form to make a geometrical star consisting of a 10, 20, 30,40, 50, 60, 70 ,80, 90 degree angles ? How does that happen ? Has any geometry lover in history ever invented a star like that ? I appreciate your communications,i am not calling you a hater. Thanks CSF !


      3. you are so terribly ignorant in the most basic science. We know that the mountains and stars arise where certain conditions are met.

        Nice baseless claims that you’ve made. Where are these “drama words” that you accuse me of? You draw lines to get the numbers you want to declare are somehow magical.

        I’ve read your nonsense. You’ve no evidence other than lines you’ve drawn to get certain answers. So yes, I’ve looked at your claims and saw that you’ve invented every bit of what you claim as evidence for your god that you need to claim is everyone else’s god.

        and no,dear you were never like me. I’m not someone who would invent nonsense to make myself feel like I know some magical secret about the universe. Humans have no problem in making simply geometric shapes, no magic needed. You claim a “geometrical star”, and any star shape can have a lot of angles just because how how math works. Again, no magical god needed.

        putting dots on a map and drawing lines is nothing special. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_polygon


      1. again, it is nonsense that you’ve invented to convince yourself you some special knowledge. You have intentionally misrepresented what current science supports. I’m not keen on liars.


  1. Outside viewers of this conversation can see by your replies that you are not viewing the evidence. You are casting accusations with no moorings, or foundation. Now you call me a liar. The fact that you have thrown these frustrations out so soon after viewing, shows that you have not viewed and examined what is shown. This conversation is just like I am talking the the old me ! Please view the summary evidence in it’s correct order at my other site, mathematical-signs-of-god.com………. I am sorry my presentations are so poor, I do need to change this site to allow viewers to scroll down and see the evidence in a correct order………… You are calling everybody liars; the Hopi Tribe, The Zuni, The Dine’, The Tohono O’ Oodham, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, as well as math, itself. Not just in reading a protractor, but, do you know about concept of mathematical odds ? How can anyone get all this to line up at the same angles this many times ? Then, to match the recorded histories of these sights ? Do you even read the words I say ? I blame my poor presentation for your reactions. I wont be able to respond to any replies till tomorrow or sunday, I use a computer at the library and it closes in a few minutes. Thanks, I enjoy the back and forth ! Quit the name calling, it cheapens and deflates your argument.



  2. Big reply here ! read slowly and carefully ! My tone of voice here is happy, not combative !……Can it not also be said that YOU are suffering from ” pareidolia” ? Can you therefore see how that word is weightless in a debate about concrete things ?…………The lines are there because the mountain peaks and the stars are there…………………..NO science states that the mountains and the stars are arranged in a basic, simple pattern based on dividing a circle into equal parts. That would be impossible to happen by nature and the randomness of where these “conditions are met” at such a large scale in these theaters……. Show me the book or paper that says this. (although, the ancient religious texts and spoken word histories of the tribes and religions from around the world say this) …………a “drama word” is when someone adds-on colorful, un-needed adjectives to belittle or smear something that they disagree with ( the politicians do it all the time); such as when you say my findings are “utterly imaginary”, ” liar” , ” willful ignorance”, when that is not needed to be said in an debate exchange……………….BIG PICTURE: If one can believe that there is alien civilizations out there, it is no leap to believe there is a God ( the oldest of them all, ” He from the beginning “). Take the steps : The shear size, age, and number of stars in the Cosmos ( there may not be just one Cosmos), and, if you believe in evolution like I do, you can numerically conclude that some of those civilizations are billions of years old. And, just like here on Earth, those societies advance in technologically as time passes ( if they don’t blow themselves up in war, or pollute and ruin their world, first. ) When you look at us, who first picked up tools, say, 50,000 years ago ( date may be wrong) , and see how that now we are tip-towing around immortality ( stem cell possibilities), deep space travel , it is then safe to conclude that a civilization only 100,000 years old is doing things that we can not even imagine. ………..NASA/ SETI has a classification system on possible advanced civilizations: the higher ones are described as having the abilities to manipulated their geology, the ability to make volcanoes…..one of the highest classifications is a civilization that can make stars. Interstellar travel is another. So, knowing the size and numbers of the Cosmos, we can conclude that these advanced civilizations have explored everywhere, and they have encountered other civilizations at all phases of advancement…….. this leads us to conclude that among all these civilizations, that there is one that is the oldest, and therefore the most advanced. And this oldest civilization of them all has someone within it, that is the oldest, their leader ( there is a good possibility that He may be the only one left from His civilization, as well, who knows ?). Remember, using us and our state of technological advance in so little time as a marker, there is no doubt that the people of these civilizations are all immortal, from a long long time ago; with all of this, therefore, it can be concluded that there is some form of rules in place among the advance civilizations…Why?…….Because, odds and numbers tell us that at sometime some evil civilizations must have come to be, and, being evil, they do evil things. So, unfortunatly, war and the enforcing of rules are part of this society out there in the Heavens………………Imagine, after dealing with an evil civilization with advanced technology, and the terrible things that must have happened, it is safe to conclude that plans would be made to make sure that this would never happen again. It would therefore be a practical and necessary policy to allow NO civilizations that show signs of being evil to achieve high technology, or, space travel capabilities. They would nip any potential trouble in the bud. (We are potential trouble, note our violent behavior, and, how we do not even properly sterilize our space probes) …………..The notion that an advanced alien civilization that can easily travel the Cosmos,that they will only observe lesser advanced civilizations, ( like scientist do here on Earth with animals), and not interfere with them, is a primitive idea, only seen in here in our young minds and in our fiction stories such as “Star Trek Show”………….. It would become policy for the dominion of advanced people out there to do something to steer and manipulate worlds to a state of peace and morals, before they obtain the technology to cause damage. And the oldest, most advanced guy in the Multi-Cosmos would be in charge…………When you also realize the technological advancement of someone possibly a zillion years old, there is also the possibility that He could even create the Cosmos, and life itself…………Knowing all this, you can now see that what I have found is not so crazy after all. If you where as old as God, and the ruler of all, you would make sure that any emerging civilization would be humbled, and you would want them to realize the scale of them to Him. It would be also necessary for Him to make people FEAR Him…… It would also be necessary for Him to have and choose prophets to slowly open peoples eyes that something bigger is out there….. And, at some point, there would be a need to send someone who was part of Him to this planet, to teach people how to be…….It was Jesus. And He commanded us to love one another, to have understanding, and forgiveness. He also told us that vengence and judging is for God only. …….So these religions and leaders that persecute Gay people, and, others, are violating God’s Law……………….What I have found will reform all, it was designed that way by the Big Guy !…..The End……also, are you viewing this evidence on a tiny phone screen ?……..also, I do need to improve my presentation and case in a better way. It’s tells a message, it’s a big story, it is more than just alignments. Thanks CSF ! Also, I didn’t pick your site in particular, I was just hitting “follow” on a bunch of sites hoping to get responses. Thanks for doing so ! Enjoy the brews !



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