Geometry Of The Cosmos And Earth: Math Signs of God, The Creator Of All

Just as a clock-maker can build a machine of moving parts to align geometrically at noon and midnight, so has God designed our Cosmos and Earth.

In 2 ways the plate-shaped Galaxy aligns, in it’s tilt on edge, AND, it’s angle
The 15 degree line from Holy Mount Sinai passes over the island at and along an ancient tribal border.
Above: Note the 30 degree of the Sinai Wilderness Arrow is mathematically related to it’s 15 degree alignment to Easter/ Rapa Nui Island. Take note of it’s tilt at 25 and 55 degrees, we will see these angles repeated in famous locations around the world.
Above: Note the arrow-shape of the river basins between the 180 degree lines from Holy Mount Peaktu, in China and North Korea and from Holy Mount Athos in Greece.
Above: See pages showing the 40 degree align of Sunset Volcanic Crater and Meteor Crater
Above: Another mathematical alignment with a ” modern ” structure, the ancient Aztec center is at top and to right of the plaza.
Above: Not shown is the 81 degree ( multiple of 9 ) line connecting hand and crescent.
Above: Note the raised grain of rock at the exact center.
Below: Showing the 180 degree align of the Tohono O oodham Tribe’s ” Mountain at the Center of the Universe ” and the southern-most point of the Old Jerusalem Wall.

Above: Note the peak’s shape resemblance to the space observatory from this angle.
Below: The Jerusalem Wall and Auriga in a detail of the Hemisphere Projection Star Map at the winter solstice, views from the north and south poles, and the southern tip of Jerusalem touching the star map’s 180 center line.
The same basic math angles seen on Earth are seen in the Heavens.

This National Geographic map ( with original labels removed ), is cued-up to the mathematical date of the winter solstice, the year 2000, with views from the north and south poles.

Above: Mercator Projection Star Map
Below: Another example of the proof and connection of the UFO sightings and God’s mathematical pattern
Be sure to view all the pages on the mathematical alignments from Holy Mount Tabor
See pages showing the 40 degree line from the holy mountain mathematical center to the river canyon of this Hopi village.
Above: Note the step symbol is seen throughout God’s pattern in the following pages.
Above: The line shown is taken from a small bridge at the tip of the Himalayan Tear
Moundville Alabama Archeological Complex Advanced Geometry And Black Warrior River Geometry
Moundville Alabama Archeological Complex Advanced Geometry And Earthworks Manipulation Of The Black Warrior River
Easter Island To Machu Picchu Holy River At Mathematical Degree Angle And Align To Mount Sinai
Easter Island And Machu Picchu Holy River Mathematical Align With Island Align To Mount Sinai At Mathematical Degree
Below: The smoking gun proof of ancient visitations of Spacecraft, and their connection to God
Newspaper Rock, Arizona Depicts Ancient Spaceship Armada Landing Near Signal Hill In Southern Arizona
Ancient Alien Spaceship Armada Landing In Desert Recorded At Newspaper Rock, Arizona Solid Proof
Above: The spiral design of the stairs fits with the spiral designs seen in God’s pattern
Above: The first edition page showing the Mars geometry encompasses the globe,interesting to note that the day that this was proved was on the mathematical and geometrical date of the Spring Equinox, March 21,22 in 2013

     Just as a clock-maker designs his machine of constantly moving parts to align geometrically at midnight and noon, so has God designed our Cosmos and Earth. 

       The discoveries listed below show that the famous geological landmarks, holy sites of the world’s religions and tribes, the holy mountains, the continents, the stars, constellations, galaxies, the entire Cosmos, are currently arranged in a basic mathematical pattern based on a circle divided into equal parts.                                                                      Not only does this prove God’s existence, it shows that the historical figure known as Jesus Christ really was God’s son, and He was/is the Messiah. These findings also show that God has been apart of all the world’s peoples, tribes, religions, and histories, and how we are all united in God’s geometrical pattern.                                                                          Using Mercator Projection maps provided by the United States Geological Survey , NASA, ESA, Google Maps, a ruler, and, a protractor, ( the same tools used by mariners and aviators) ,  to unlock God’s Riddle in the Heavens and in Earth.

Note: Not all pages of proofs shown below, also view blog post ( posted in no order) , be sure to get the print version for best experience.)   

Also important to note : This is “Phase 1” of these findings, where just the basic cardinal angles and their simple divisors are being explored, the way in which everybody can understand and proof be established. Keeping this simple is the name of the game. I do believe there is a more complicated math in here, but, for now, I feel if the connections get too complicated, people will not believe it.   Also, this is just the beginning findings, and not all of the world’s sites have been covered, and many important sites are only known by locals, so, if you do not see a particular site that you know, please explore and also send the information to this site.    

 Please view entire catalog to see the repeated mathematical and physical proofs that makes this amazing discovery a scientifically proven  fact and true.

Location of the galactic north pole inside 45/90 Coma Berencies Constellation. See at bottom and  blog for all pages of the signs in the heavens.Holy Mount Sinai Geometry 1 png

Tohono Jerusalem star map postJerusalem to Sagamartha pngDetail Mount Sagamatha png4.5 Line pngShowing Tear- Shaped geological features of God’s puzzle on Earth and Tear-Shaped lake of Moundville, Alabama with same angles as the Great Tear Of The Himalayas20. mauritious reunion sampleMount Gerizim pngeaster-island-to-reunion-mauritious-islandhawaii midway angle page 2Lumbini To Angkor Wat pngPyramids and Lumbini Line pngspain portugal pngDine' To Angkor 10 degree pngVietnam Mekong pngPyramids Of China pngSinai and Nepal Angle pngTear Apex To EuroAsian Landmass png

Orion Geometry png for pageTaurus The Bull Constellation GeometryFor more on the Pleideis constellation: see the amazing findings of Dr. Igor Sipic and Srdan Nogic at Pleideis and the Golden Ratio Auriga Constellation for pageCorrectionAuriga:  Geometry of The Northern Cross png for pageAdditional Southern Cross for pageUrsa Major Correction png pageMicrowave Map Orion And Landmark for pageMicrowave Map Further Geometry pageSolstice Astroid pngEaster Island and Trench png for page newFRB graph 1 newFRB 112102 page 2 correctedfrb 112102 location page 1frb 112102 location page 2

Holy Mary Guadelupe w temple png

Hawaii Holy Mary Image 1Holy Mary Image Mars Volcano png

wow-signal-location-1 postVIRGIN MARY WOW SIGNAL

sinai to sri lanka pngSri Lanka Easter To East pngAdrianic and Sinai Peninsula pngadriatic to Sinai image pngsigiriya new pngMormon Site png

Pheonix geometry 1Pheonix geometry 3Miranda moon Anasazi 2Miranda moon anasazi 3

Intelligent Geometry Of Mystery Nova AT2018cow And Mystery Blue Star
Intelligent Geometry Of Nova AT2018cow And A Mystery Blue Star
Showing Intelligent geometry Of Astronomical Mystery Flash Called, AT2018cow, and it's Match To Jerusalem Temple/ Mosque Geometry, And The Hopi Tribe Prophesy Rock Geometry
Astronomical Mystery Flash Called AT2018cow and it’s intelligent geometry matching the Jerusalem Temple And Mosque geometry, as well as the Hopi Tribe Prophesy Rock and Mount Everest/ Sagarmatha geometry and math
Above: Miracle Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe with Temple Mount Jerusalem Footprint overlay
Virgin Mary Our Lady Of Guadalupe Miracle Image Geometry And It's Geometric Location In God's Mathematical Pattern In Heaven And In Earth
Virgin Mary Our Lady Of Guadalupe Holy image Geometry And It’s Holy Site Geometric Location To God’s mathematical pattern Of Earth’s Geological Features And The Cosmos

These findings are not yet complete, there is enough to establish proof, but, much of the world and many places only known by the locals must be explored.

View the blog posts for more pages and chapters not listed here.