Geometry Of The Cosmos And Earth: Math Signs of GOD

  Using a Mercator Projection Map, a ruler, a 360 Degree protractor, a compass, a 45/90 drafting triangle, a 30/60/90 drafting triangle ( the basic tools included in all drafting/geometry kits) to show that the famous geological landmarks, Holy Sites of the World’s religions and Tribes, The Holy Mountains, the continents, the Stars, Constellations, galaxies, the Cosmos, are currently arranged in a basic mathematical pattern based on a circle divided into equal parts….

2 New Cover 2 with star maps pngMachu Easter page 1 pngGreat Angle to Machu page 2 pngMachu Picchu page 3 png Giza and Nile Delta Geometry 1Giza Plateau Pyramid corrected newSinai Wildereness Arrow 1Holy Mount Sinai Geometry 1 pngHoly Mount Sinai Geometry pngSinai To Ulhuru Page 1 pngSinai to Ulhuru pngcorrection Easter I line pngGreat Tear pngnew Jerusalem Nebo Waw Kiwulik page 1 pngNew Waw Kiwulik to flag pngJerusalem to Sagamartha pngDetail Mount Sagamatha png4.5 Line pngShowing Tear- Shaped geological features of God’s puzzle on Earth and Tear-Shaped lake of Moundville, Alabama with same angles as the Great Tear Of The HimalayasGeological Tear Shapes of Earth and God's Pattern 1moundville page 1 pngmoundville page 2 pngmoundville page 3 pngmoundville tear page 4 pngHoly Sites align to great tear pngGreat Zimbabwe 1 pngGreat Zimbabwe 2 pngMount Gerizim pngNew Chaco Page 1 pngnew Chaco Page 2 pngnew Chaco page 3 pngChaco Canyon 2 pngChaco Canyon 3 pngChaco Canyon 4 pngChaco Canyon 5 pngChaco Canyon 6 pnghawaii midway angle page 245 Northwest Hawaii new pngHawaii Ni ihau Island pnghopi prophesy rock mount everestHopi Prophesy Rock page1Hopi Tribe Prophesy Rock page 2UHopi Prophesy Rock page 3Correction Page Hawaii To Dine' Center Mountain pngTemple Dome To Great angle pngGreat Hawaii Angle Buddha Line png18 Lumbini to world jpgLumbini To Angkor Wat pngPeru Coast example pngPyramids and Lumbini Line pngspain portugal pngnew Fatima pngLourdes Holy Site pngSaint Peter's 45 pngVatican 45 line Mary pngItalian Coast 45 line Algeria pngItalian Coast 45 line Sardinia pngHoly Mountains Dook' and Dzilna' pngMount of the Holy Cross pngmedjugorge page 1 jpgMedjugorge page 2 pngMedjugorge page 3 pngAcoma Pueblo pngCh'ool'ii Holy Cross Chaco pngMount Tsoodzil pngDine' To Angkor 10 degree pngCahokia Newfoundland peninsula pngCahokia Easter Africa intersect pngSinai Tip to Angkor Wat pngVietnam Mekong pngAmritsar to Mecca jpgnew Tear Apex to Jerusalem Mecca pngGeometry of Lake Chad 1detail lake chad line pngPyramids Of China pngTear of North America pngJapan and Dine' Holy Mountain 180 degree Alignnew new Bethlehem to Jerusalem png.pngSinai and Nepal Angle pngLumbini to Lhassa pngTear Apex To EuroAsian Landmass pngpng India Peninsulaspng English Island

Star Map overlays png page final1 star map angles pngOrion Geometry png for pageOrion's Belt Geometry png for pagePeleaideis Geometry OpeningRosette Nebula Star Of IsraelTaurus The Bull Constellation GeometryCCccAuriga Constellation for pageCorrectionAuriga:  Microwave Map Northern Cross for pageGeometry of The Northern Cross png for pageAdditional Southern Cross for pageSouthern Crescent Geometry png for pageUrsa Major Correction png pageMicrowave Map Orion And Landmark for pageHoly Mary Image New 2Holy Mary Image New 1Microwave Map Further Geometry pageSolstice Astroid pngEaster Island and Trench png for page newUtah Pictograph Decoded 1Utah Picto 2Utah pictograph 3utah pictograph locationFRB graph 1 newFRB 112102 page 2 correctedfrb 112102 location page 1frb 112102 location page 2Mars Pictograph Decoded New



Holy Mary Guadelupe w temple png

Detail Holy Mary Gudelupe Image Easter I pngHawaii Holy Mary Image 1Holy Mary Image Mars Volcano pngTear of Mauna Loa pngcartwheel-galaxy-2Small Megalanic Galaxy is Easter Island Shape 1

Showing Intelligent geometry Of Astronomical Mystery Flash Called, AT2018cow, and it's Match To Jerusalem Temple/ Mosque Geometry, And The Hopi Tribe Prophesy Rock Geometry

Astronomical Mystery Flash Called AT2018cow and it’s intelligent geometry matching the Jerusalem Temple And Mosque geometry, as well as the Hopi Tribe Prophesy Rock and Mount Everest/ Sagarmatha geometry and math


wow-signal-location-1 postVIRGIN MARY WOW SIGNAL

new Sunspots At Mayan End Count png

sinai to sri lanka pngSri Lanka Easter To East pngpng sinai to Dead statuepng Nile Delta To MdlotiAmritsar pngAmritsat to Ararat pngVirgin Mary Image pngAdrianic and Sinai Peninsula pngadriatic to Sinai image pngThe 33rd Paralell and God's Pychological Ink-Blot Test for Mankind 1sigiriya new pngMormon Site png

correction Easter I line png

Newspaper Rock, Arizona Depicts Ancient Spaceship Armada Landing Near Signal Hill In Southern Arizona

Ancient Alien Spaceship Armada Landing In Desert Recorded At Newspaper Rock, Arizona Solid Proof

Newspaper Rock Decoded 2Newspaper Rock Decoded 3Utah Pictograph Decoded 1Utah Picto 2Utah pictograph 3utah pictograph locationMiranda moon Anasazi 2Miranda moon anasazi 3

currently arranged in a simple geometric pattern that  unites the histories and peoples of the world.                                                                                                                                                             Starting with the fact that eastern-most point of Easter Island (A),( called ‘the navel of the world’ by it’s people), is exactly 90 degrees south of the geometrical center-point of the Dine’ Tribe Holy Mountains (B.), to the foot.                                                                                    Then, add the fact that The Great Sinai Wilderness Arrow,  Which points to the Giza Plateau and Pyramids of Egypt are 22.5 degrees from Easter Island, (22.5 is half of all important 45 degrees), this line also passes just north of Macchu Pichu, Peru, at the intersection of a visual cross of two valleys and rivers,and then on to The Dead Sea,(whose outline happens to match,exactly, a full-bodied Maoui Statue of Easter Island), whose shores are geometrically configured in straight lines, and whose northern-shore points and connects directly to the northern-most point of the wall of Old Jerusalem. This 4.5 degree line connects to the Big Island of Hawaii, and the mathematically angled valleys of Mount Everest, The Holy Mother it is called, and many more interesting places this line connects to.                                                                                          We will find that the Holy Mountains and Pyramids of China, Korea, Japan, The World, Stonehenge, Mecca, Chichen Itza, Moundville Alabama, Great Zimbabwe, Tirupati, Amritsar, Tsion Ethiopia, Lourdes France, Fatima Portugal, Wittenberg Germany ( Martin Luther site), The Vatican, Lake Chad, Assisi Italy,  Buddh Gaya, Chaco Canyon, Ganges River, Northern-most point of Russia, Southern-most point of Euroasian landmass, Medjugorge, Guadalupe Mexico, Kibeho Rwanda, Emmittsberg Maryland, and, at 90 degrees north of important Moundville Alabama, is the stadiums and city of Chicago ( called “that toddlin’ town” by it’s peoples), all, are geometrically arranged to each other and their geological surroundings, as well as being part of God’s Pattern connecting all the world’s holy sites, and the entire Cosmos, in the basic angles of circle cut into equal pieces.                                       Please view all the books at right, many discoveries are noted within them.