The Basic 15 Degree Line From The Blythe Geoglyphs, California, To, The Zuni Tribe Pueblo And Sacred Mesa Dowe Yalanne

The 15 degree angle is a mathematical relation to the 75 degree align of the geoglyphs, and, onto the Spiral Mountain Ridges Of The Sacred Gila River Mountain that is 180 degree east-west from Holy Mount Tabor, site where Jesus met Moses and Elijah, and where God Spoke out of the clouds, saying, ” this is my beloved Son, listen to him”

Gallery Pictograph, Utah : The 90/45/22.5 Geometric In The Only Figure Painted At A Tilt

Note the smile on the figure’s face. Note the 22.5 line at the point the cow’s faces meet.

Be sure to view the other mathematically precise images , including the mind bend evidence that proves of finite manipulation of the rocks they are painted on, and the message that they help portray, at this mathematically located holy site.