The Basic 15 Degree Line From The Blythe Geoglyphs, California, To, The Zuni Tribe Pueblo And Sacred Mesa Dowe Yalanne

The 15 degree angle is a mathematical relation to the 75 degree align of the geoglyphs, and, onto the Spiral Mountain Ridges Of The Sacred Gila River Mountain that is 180 degree east-west from Holy Mount Tabor, site where Jesus met Moses and Elijah, and where God Spoke out of the clouds, saying, ” this is my beloved Son, listen to him”

Gallery Pictograph, Utah : The 90/45/22.5 Geometric In The Only Figure Painted At A Tilt

Note the smile on the figure’s face. Note the 22.5 line at the point the cow’s faces meet.

Be sure to view the other mathematically precise images , including the mind bend evidence that proves of finite manipulation of the rocks they are painted on, and the message that they help portray, at this mathematically located holy site.

The 55 Degree Line From Holy Mountain Center-Point To The Acoma Sky Pueblo, And, Amazingly, The Spanish Mission Church Built There Long Ago

The builders of the ancient pueblo and later the Spanish Mission were not aware of the holy mountain center-point ( at 90 degrees north of Easter Island’s eastern-most point and the 180 from landmark arrow-shaped mesa, and 20 degrees from Shiprock Mountain).

This is proof that God is influencing our works to build on His lines, which proves to all people of the world that we are brothers and sisters and God’s children. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !post Acoma Pueblo png