Letter To The New York Knicks Owner: There May Be No Championships Until Patrick Ewing Is The Head Coach, and More, SOLUTION :

Step 1, Give Patrick Ewing the Head-Coach position, he earned it, many fold. A long term contract , plus the player retirement ceremony he never got.

Step 2. Donate all New York Knick profits to a worthy charity and cause, such as school funding and helping ma and pa businesses. Where the Knicks become a charity arm, as well as a basketball organization.

Step 3. Make amends with Charles Oakley, give him a job in the organization.

Step 4. Never stop playing in the current and historic Madison Square Garden. Keep the historical fascade unchanged, it may look out-dated today, but in just a few years it will appreciated and therefore of commercial value.

Step 5. Allow Spike Lee to run onto the court to rally the crowd and team. Let him use the Knick entrance to the Garden.

Step 6. Acknowledge the sad fact that the Knicks never gave Pat Ewing another star of his caliber as a team mate. All the NBA’s greats had a team mate who was also great, everyone but Ewing.

Had Ewing and the Knicks been teamed with Clyde Drexler, or, Chris Mullin, or Dominique Wilkens , the Bulls and Jordan would not have won as many championships.

Do these things, and the players and people will return and. the Knickerbockers will win a championship, possibly 3, depending on when Jesus returns.