The 55 Degree Line From Holy Mountain Center-Point To The Acoma Sky Pueblo, And, Amazingly, The Spanish Mission Church Built There Long Ago

The builders of the ancient pueblo and later the Spanish Mission were not aware of the holy mountain center-point ( at 90 degrees north of Easter Island’s eastern-most point and the 180 from landmark arrow-shaped mesa, and 20 degrees from Shiprock Mountain).

This is proof that God is influencing our works to build on His lines, which proves to all people of the world that we are brothers and sisters and God’s children. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !post Acoma Pueblo png

At Same Angle As Easter Island ( Also A Basic Math Angle) Is The Astro-Landmark Whirlpool Galaxy And The Holy Cross At It’s Black-Hole Center

Whirlpool Galaxy mathematics

On a hemispheral starmap, view from the north pole at the winter solstice, the bright and long-known Whirlpool Galaxy and the Holy Cross at it’s black hole center, is positioned on the 67.5 degree line from the mathematical center of the northern hemisphere

3 Petroglyphs Showing 2 Sets Of Differently – Shaped People Holding Hands ! All Carved In A Mysterious Scorch-Like Surface Called “Desert Varnish or Patina”

There is no scientific agreement on what exactly causes this rock discolorization . The theories and test say it is of a organic nature, similar to lichen, but, this is contradicted in strange examples all over, that show it’s presence in peculiar locations amongst other nearby rocks, including here at Valley of Fire and Newspaper Rock and Signal Hill (area depicted in newspaper rock).