The Geometrical Terraforming of Planet Mars, By God The Creator, Beyond Cydonia And The Face Of Mars

Showing the geometrical positioning of the volcanos of Planet Mars, including geological features of the Valles Marineris, and others, that form a geometric pattern that divides the planet’s circumference into 5 equall parts.png Mars Azimuthalmars-pictographs-1 jpg                                           Meaning : Arrow means ‘points to” ; Straight-edge ruler means : “connect the dots” ; shoe means ” follow” ; eye looking up means ” look at high-points”; steps means ” high-points, and this symbol ties in with the steps of the Hopi Tibe Prophesy Rock ( see book) and the neat “bent page illusion” of the Chaco Canyon Pictograph” which turns the curved lines of the rock into parallel steps ( see Chaco Canyon page)Intelligent Geometry of Planet Mars Geological Features 1This equation, solved with a ruler and a 45/90 drafting triangle, divides the circumference of the planet into 5 equal parts, which I did not realize till after the lines were connected.   Note giant canyon Valles Marineris pointing to the geometric mountain (A.) at a mathematical 15 degree angle.    Note the strange geological feature at north of (A.), at between the mathematical 20 and 22.5 degrees from the geometric focal-point of the Argyle Crater. This strange feature is symbolism, it is meant to look like something. And it looks only like a bottle turned upside down. Which means two things, ” water emptying-out, which tells of the planet’s loss of water”.   I also believe, with it’s location directly below the ” eye looking up” geoglyph, that it symbolizes a ” tear”. This also fits into God’s ” tear theme” in the geological features of Earth, and the history of the crying statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. ( see the pages on the geometry of the famous miracle image of Guadalupe, Mexico and it’s geometry, it’s Mars and Easter Island connection, and the Holy Site’s 180 degree align with Mauna Loa volcano, Hawaii, and, believe it, an image of the Virgin Mary with halo in a caldera right on that 180 line.Holy Mary Of Guadelupe Site pngHawaii Holy Mary ImageTear of Mauna Loa pngGeological Tear Shapes of Earth and God's Pattern 1Holy Mary Image Mars Volcano pngDetail Holy Mary Gudelupe Image Easter I pngHoly Mary Guadelupe w temple pngBelow: Print-out Chaco Canyon page onto paper. Bend paper and look at it from an angle, note the curved rock figuration the pictograph is painted on turns into parallel steps.Chaco Canyon 4 pngHopi Tribe Prophesy Rock Decoded 12 New Cover 2 with star maps png

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