Orion At Center Of Star Map Cued-Up To Winter Solstice, view From North And South Poles

60. star map cleaned new sample

Also showing overlays of both the Chaco Canyon Pictograph and It’s Fit Into The Jerusalem Temple Mount And Holy Site Map ( see page on Chaco). Map is cued-up as it sits north at 90 degrees with the Dome Of The Rock at center. Amazingly, I did not have to do a ” trial and error” enlargments of the map and overlays, this proportions are what I had lying around from making my previous papers on these subjects.

Note how the southern cross is such a perfect fit with the map, it is almost hidden. Note the Crescent constellation, called, Corona Australis, touches the Chaco crescent. Note the line connecting the Dome and the place Jesus was crucified and temporarily entombed lines with Orion, the Northern Cross and the top of Auriga Constellation.

Also showing a Moundville Alabama geometrical star and it’s intelligent allignments.

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