Easter Rapa Nui Island Maui Statues On Pedestals Is Oriented At 60 Degrees. 60 Degrees From Another Easter Island Site Points To Oak Island, Nova Scotia

This proves the Oak Island story is a part of God’s riddle, and it is not about buried gold.

Oak Island mystery started with two kids seeing a glowing light on the island, where they found an old pulley hanging on a tree.

The pulley was a ruse , possibly a strategy of God, to get someone to dig there and uncover the mystery, making it a world famous place, so at a later date it could give its fame to give attention to God’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt, and Jesus is the treasure.

Who would bury a treasure and forget to take down the tell-tale pulley ?

Also, since this site was turned into a TV show, it opened itself up to being a focus of all sorts of funny business; such as the possibility of ” planting” of objects and artifacts, done by pranksters or a tv executive or a crew member, wanting the show to continue, anything is possible.

This is why we now must question all these artifacts they find.

Also , do not like how historic evidence is handed-out in bits, week by week, just to get viewers and advertising. Imagine if all archeological sites were treated this way ? It would hinder human progress

All is meant to be, though, maybe the fame of the show will get people to listen to these findings here.

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