The 18 Degree Line From Easter/ Rapa Nui Island Islet Of Motu Nui To Bodh Gaya, India, Town Where Buddha Received Enlightenment Under The Bodh Tree *

* note : This align is not exact like the other 500 pages of proofs, and has not been published because of that. But, now that absolute proof has been established with the other pages of exactness, this ” almost ” page can be considered. The line is a few hundred feet north of the Bodh Tree.

The Intelligent Mathematical Star Positions Of Orion’s Belt, 2 At 33 Degrees And Third One 7.5 Degrees To Baseline Of Mercator Projection Star Map

Orion's Belt Geometry png for page

Note: The angles of the Mercator projection star- map do not exactly line-up to the Giza Pyramids, but, it is a mathematical match whereas the 7.5 degree off-set angle of the belt star’s line is between the pyramid’s corner and center, which is 5 and 10 degrees. Since the stars of Orion have moved since the Pyramids were built, we can conclude that God has slowly moved the stars into a mathematical configuration that aligns with the physical structures of the past, just as a clock-maker designs his machine to align at midnight and noon.