The Pawnee Star Map And The Pleiades Constellation Share Exact Same Intelligent Math Angles And Tear-Drop Shape Design

Note measurement-points on the Pawnee map are from the map’s biggest stars, the double star, the end of the string of stars, the 11 star horse-shoe shape, and the small circle of stars at map’s left edge. These are not random, non-descript points amidst many other non-descript points.

The Pleiadeis constellation plays a major role in Pawnee Tribe history.

Major Discovery: The Famous Pawnee Star Map’s Precise Mathematics Matches The Angles Of Pleiadeis Constellation: Pleiadeis Is Central To The History Of The Pawnee Tribe

The markings on the Pawnee Star Map are computer exact, and match the angle of the star alignments of Pleaideis Constellation. Note: to view Pleiadeis close enough to take these measurements takes powerful telescopes.